Introduction Of Wire Rope Puling Hoist

- Oct 12, 2018-

      Wire rope hoist, also known as wire rope tractor, is a new, efficient, safe and durable lifting machinery products, with lifting, traction, tension three major functions, reasonable structure design, high safety factor, long service life, the main rated lifting weight of 800 kg, 1600 kg, 3200 kg, especially suitable for the field Use without external power source.

      The main types are imported TOYO wire rope wrench hoist, multi-dimensional wire rope wrench hoist, HX wire rope wrench hoist, NHSS wire rope wrench hoist.

      The specifications of wire rope wrench hoist of Wuxi Yongchang Lifting Equipment Co.,Ltd. include 0.8 tons wire rope wrench hoist, 1.6 tons wire rope wrench hoist, 3.2 tons wire rope wrench hoist and so on.