Is Manual Chain Hoist Divided Into Light Chain Hoist Or Heavy Chain Hoist?

- Jul 11, 2018-

Problem description

How much can the manual chain hoist be the longest?

What is the maximum lifting tonnage of the manual chain hoist?

What is the chain of manual chain hoist?

Answer: manual chain hoist includes heavy and light weight (model: hsz/hsq).

The longest chain of the manual chain hoist can be lengthened in 80M theory and can be added, but the weight of the hoist of the manual chain hoist will decrease with the length of the chain.

The maximum weight of the manual chain hoist is 100T

The chain of manual chain hoist is divided into 70 grades, 80 levels and 100 levels.

The lower the chain level of the chain hoist is, the worse the load capacity will be.

Manual chain hoist as a common lifting tool, although the use of simple, but the inspection of the manual chain hoist is necessary, no storage time should be paid attention to maintain this to prolong the life of the manual chain hoist.