Japan’s 10,000-ton Ship Crashed Into A Foreign Terminal, This Equipment To Help

- Jul 01, 2019-

      Recently, the amphibious landing ship of the "National East" of the Japanese sea from the Otaru level, when visiting Australia, took a big scorpion. At the time of the incident, the "Guodong" amphibious landing ship had already entered a port in Brisbane, Australia, and the accident occurred when the "National East" ship was ready to dock. At the time of the incident, only one loud noise was heard. The huge ship with a displacement of 14,000 tons crashed into the dock.

      After the crew stopped the amphibious landing ship "Guodong" at the Australian terminal, it was repaired. The crew used their own hand-drawn hoists to dismantle the equipment damaged by the "Guodong" amphibious landing ship. After that, they replaced the new equipment brought by them. Finally, they collided with the "Guodong" amphibious landing ship at the dock. The injured hull is painted.

      Because the "Guodong" amphibious landing ship is relatively large, the Japanese army did not consider the size of the hull. When it turned to enter the dock and crashed into the Australian dock, this incident also reminded us that we should consider ourselves when we go out. Be safe and consider things well.