The 4 Point Importance Of The Brakes Of The Japanese Kito Chain Hoist

- Aug 08, 2018-

      The Japanese kito chain hoist brake is an important component of it. Its quality is related to the safety of imported hand hoist. The chain hoist cannot be continued to use if safe problems happened, so the brake needs to be replaced,, but there are 4 points to be paid attention to in the process of replacement.

1、When buying new brakes, we must choose the original manufacturer and the original model to prevent the poor quality of the brake to affect the work efficiency and safety of the whole hand hoist.

2、The replacement work needs to be operated by the professional staff to avoid the damage of other parts caused by those who do not understand the internal structure of the hand-pulled chain block.

3、After the replacement of the brake, we must carry out the experiment and make sure that it can be put into operation after ensuring the safety of the work.

4、After the completion of the replacement work, we need to lubricate the internal parts to avoid any further problems.

      Hope this article could help you.