Lever Hoist Help To Mantain The Subway

- Nov 26, 2018-

      The emergence of subway not only relieves the traffic pressure of the city, but also brings great convenience to people's travel. Metro malfunction is inevitable during operation, including ticket machine, ticket vending machine, security equipment, etc. After the equipment malfunction, it should be repaired in time to avoid inconvenience for passengers.。

      In the process of repairing equipment, there may be some equipment handling, as well as parts replacement, need to use the lever hoist for operation. Taihu lever hoist in Yongchang, Wuxi can not only be transported vertically, but also be transversely lifted, which saves more time, manpower and material resources, and greatly improves work efficiency.

      Taihu lever hoist plays an important role in the process of subway maintenance, speeding up the progress of equipment maintenance, and facilitating passengers. Wuxi Yongchang Lifting Equipment Co.,ltd. has long-term production of lifting equipment such as lever hoist and manual chain block with complete models and specifications. Welcome to contact kira@yc-lift.com.