Lifting Clamps Classification

- Dec 01, 2018-

      Lifting clamps are a kind of efficient lifting auxiliary tools, which can quickly load, unload and assemble various profiles, components and materials. Lifting clamps are simple in structure, convenient in operation, safe and reliable. They have been continuously developed in application, with more and more varieties and specifications, and some of them have become series of products. Dutch company (here in after referred to as IP Company) in 1985 listed 521 kinds of lifting clamps with different specifications for various purposes, with a large lifting weight of 40 tons. It can be used in iron and steel works, shipyards, chemical plants, railways, wharfs and warehouses for rapid lifting and unloading of various profiles, as well as welding and assembly components. The work of laying track and repairing equipment can improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

      The steel plate lifting clamps can be divided into transverse lifting clamps, vertical lifting clamps, inverted steel plate lifting clamps, stacked steel plate lifting clamps and single plate lifting clamps according to the lifting mode.

      Steel plate hangers can be used for horizontal and vertical lifting of profiled steel and reversal of profiled steel.

      Steel plate lifting clamps can be widely used in shipyards, steel structure installation, steel market, mechanical processing, steel plate welding, steel plate horizontal handling, steel plate vertical handling and other occasions.