Make Full Use Of Hand Chain Hoist To Improve The Efficiency Of Hand-drawn Work

- Jun 21, 2019-

      Due to the small size, light weight and high safety factor of the hand chain hoist, it is deeply used by enterprises. Each factory has more than one chain block to run at the same time, how to maximize the use of the advantages of the chain hoist to create higher work efficiency. What I want to talk about here will definitely help you find it.

      1. When the chain hoist hoists heavy objects for a short distance, it can exert better advantages and improve work efficiency.

      2. Multiple chain chain hoists can lift the same weight at the same time. There is more room for improvement.

      3. After the chain hoist has been cleaned and repaired, it should be carried out with no-load operation to ensure that everything is normal before it can be put into operation.

      After the operation, the chain hoist should be finished and wiped clean. To prevent moisture from rusting, apply rust-proof grease to a dry and ventilated place.