Manual Hoist Labor Force Reveals Secret

- Jan 05, 2019-

      We all know that the manual chain hoist is small, but it saves us a lot of manpower and solves our various problems. Therefore, not only in life but also in other industries, it is increasingly favored by it. Have you ever thought about why the hand chain block will achieve the effect of labor saving? What is the secret of this?

      Among them, it is very simple to say it. The manual chain hoist is mainly based on the principle of the pulley block. The other is the mechanics principle (gravity, heavy arm, and long arm can save labor.) The manual hoist needs to be stable and safe when lifting heavy objects. Because it uses an advanced pulley block, it contains various components such as a bracelet wheel, a friction plate ratchet, a brake seat, a tooth long shaft, a chip gear, a short tooth shaft, and a spline control gear to complete the lifting work.