Manual Hoist Removing The Forklift From The River Is Praiseworthy

- Apr 19, 2019-

      The manual hoist is small, but the scope of the application is very wide. Below is a news about the actual application of the manual hoist. Let's take a closer look:

      On the 17th, the news reported that a snow shovel crashed into the river when the snow shovel was on the river. Yesterday, the staff brought a special boat-shaped bracket and used the "manual hoist" to pull the river shovel out of the ice.

      At 7 o'clock on the 16th, the reporter came to the scene of the forklift crashing into the river. The uncle Li said to the reporter: "I will come to the river every day. After the forklift crashed into the river, I deliberately took a look at the forklift and pondered the forklift that was mostly frozen in the river. No, I heard that I have to pull the car out, so the big guy came to the scene early to see if the professionals were doing it."

      Among the crowds onlookers, the reporter heard that there are two main ideas for the “rescue” forklift plan: one is that many forklifts forcibly drag and drop; the other is that large cranes lift the forklift.

      However, after seeing the way the staff “rescue” the forklift, everyone was surprised because the forklift was pulled out of the ice by human resources.

      It is understood that the reason why there is no forcible dragging with a forklift is because the ice can not be tolerated when dragging, so that the forklift that comes to drag and drop crushes the ice and falls into the river; instead of using a crane, it is because The location of the river is about 300 meters away from the shore, and the crane is "unreachable."