Manufacturer's Suggestion To Control Chain Hoist Swing

- Jun 17, 2019-

      If the staff is operating the chain hoist is not standardized or other external factors, the chain hoist will appear shaking. In the face of this phenomenon, many operators do not care, thinking that this is irrelevant. However, does this phenomenon really not affect the work, and there is no potential danger?

      When the chain hoist is in use, there are unstable phenomena such as shaking and tilting, which is extremely dangerous. It is very likely that an accident will occur. In response to this situation, we have the following suggestions for you to control and avoid the hoisting of the chain hoist:

      First, in the process of using the chain hoist, please do not lift the heavy object near the end beam, which is easy to cause heavy objects falling or bumping people and other accidents.

      Second, during the lifting process, it is not possible to pull the hoist or heavy objects horizontally, which is also very likely to cause the phenomenon of the chain hoist shaking.

      Third, when lifting, it should be lifted slowly, and the load should not be lifted sharply, so as to avoid the rapid increase of pressure, and the undesirable phenomenon of shaking or damage of the chain hoist.