Method For Preventing Deformation Of Taihu Brand Chain Hoist Chain

- Jun 28, 2019-

      In the outdoor construction, we will find that the Taihu brand chain hoist is deformed when the chain is under construction. I don't know if you have this situation in the process of using it, but there is a way to prevent the deformation of the chain of hoist chain in Taihu Lake, and share it with you.

1. When purchasing a chain hoist, you should choose a genuine chain hoist, don't rush to buy a cheaper, buy a poor quality chain hoist.

2. When using the chain hoist for lifting, do not overload.

3. During the operation of the chain hoist, it is not allowed to hang the cargo in the air for a long time.

      The above is the method to prevent the deformation of the Taihu brand chain hoist chain. In the process of using the chain hoist, attention should be paid to the deformation of the chain, so as to avoid reducing the work efficiency and causing unnecessary trouble.