Mini Electric Hoist Details Determine The Success Or Failure

- Feb 07, 2018-

Chain hoist is by dragging the hand chain, bracelet wheel rotation, the friction plate ratchet, brake seat pressure into one common rotation, 5 tooth long axis then turn the piece gear, 4 tooth short axis and spline hole gear. In this way, the lifting sprocket mounted on the spline hole gear drives the lifting chain to smoothly lift the weight. Products using one-way ratchet friction plate brake, the brake under its own load, the pawl in the spring and the ratchet meshing engagement to ensure the safe operation of the brake. It is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, high mechanical efficiency, small pulling force of bracelet, light weight and easy to carry, beautiful appearance, small size, durable, suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, docks, docks, warehouses, etc. Installation of machinery, lifting of goods, especially for open air and no power operations, as well as flammable and explosive places even more important role.