Moving Skates--how To Handle Heavy Goods

- Nov 29, 2018-

      Moving skate is a commonly used heavy lifting tool. It is easy to use, simple to operate, safe and labor-saving. Today, we will not talk about the performance of moving skates, we will talk about how to load and unload heavy loads.

      When carrying cargo trolleys in operation, first of all, we need to load the heavy loads into the tanks. We can use cranes or hand-pulled hoists and other tools to load them. It should be noted that the center of gravity of heavy loads should be placed on tankss, so as to avoid the inclination and sliding during transportation. Then unloading, unloading is relatively simple, you can use a number of jacks to lift the goods, the tank car can be withdrawn from the heavy, after the tank car is withdrawn, the weight will be lowered, when the weight is well supported at the four corners, then the jack can be withdrawn.

      Above is to use the method of loading and unloading tanks, if there are other problems, you can call for consultation.

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