What Should Pay Attention To When Carrying The Chain Hoist

- Apr 09, 2019-

      High-strength products such as chain hoists are attracted to our attention when moving.

1. The chain hoist cannot collide with other objects. We must first clean up the surrounding environment, then gently handle it to prevent the chain hoist from being damaged.

2. Be sure to do waterproof work to prevent the manual hoist from being corroded by water and affect the next use.

3. When carrying out the packaging work, be careful not to invert the tool direction to avoid problems.

     The above 3 points are the things we need to pay attention to when carrying the chain hoist. We need to pay attention and do a good job. I believe that the people who can do the above work are also standardized when operating the chain hoist. Good quality chain hoists can not be operated incorrectly, which is not only damage to the manual hoist, but also affected by safety. The manual hoist can not be used is a trivial matter, the safety is the most important. So we have to pay attention and keep in mind the code of practice.