Precautions When Using Hand Chain Hoists

- May 07, 2019-

      A little bit of small problems accumulate is a big problem. For the hand chain hoist, we should pay attention to some small places.

      1. Weight problem. The lever hoist has a rated load capacity. When using the hoist, care should be taken not to exceed its rated load capacity to prevent damage to the tool.

      2. Handle problem. The handle of the lever chain hoist should be moved at a constant speed. Do not use force suddenly. Also, when using the tool, do not change the length of the handle to prevent damage to its structure.

      3. The solution to the problem of hoist. If you find a problem with your hand hoist, you should solve it in time, and don't delay it to prevent danger when using it.

      4. Chain deformation problem. When transporting or using the hoist, you should not let it hit any hard objects to prevent the chain from being deformed; it should not be overloaded and the chain will be subjected to excessive force.

      If you have any of the above problems, you can ask a professional for advice, especially if there is a problem with the chain link or other aspects. Please ask the professional to replace the chain.