Professional Angle Analysis Of The Use And Removal Of Chain Hoists

- Feb 19, 2019-

      Buying a chain hoist is naturally for use, and disassembling the chain hoist is usually carried out when problems are encountered in use. It takes a lot of skill and care both in use and when disassembling.

      The chain hoist should not be used in the evening when the light is not good. It can not be seen clearly during operation and is prone to accidents. The chain hoist has obvious cracks. When there is relatively loud noise, it is forbidden to use. It is forbidden to use chain hoists when the chain wear is severe, cracked and severely deformed. During the lifting process, the goods are tilted. When the bundle is loose, it is forbidden to continue working. Stop immediately. It is forbidden to use when the goods are overloaded.

      Pay attention to these details when removing the chain hoist: be sure to handle it gently, and it is strictly forbidden to wrestle the parts to avoid deformation and damage of the parts. And it needs to be operated by professionals to avoid accidents caused by improper operation, or damage to small parts due to the inability to understand the product principle. The removed parts need to be placed properly and cannot be discarded at will, so as not to affect the installation. After the disassembly is completed, it needs to be assembled in order. After the installation is completed, the no-load and load tests are carried out, and the normal operation can be continued.