Round Chain Hoist Features And Maintenance Points

- Jul 09, 2018-

In comparison, the production cost of round-type chain hoists is relatively low, with obvious price advantages, and meets the requirements of most users. It is also satisfied with most of the chain hoists. Moreover, it has the advantages of small size, light weight, portability, and high toughness. If there is no special requirement, the user can select a round chain hoist in combination with their own needs.


As a user, we must not only ensure standardized operation, but also need to strengthen the daily maintenance of the round chain hoist. This will not only extend its useful life, but also enhance its performance. So how do you do the maintenance? First, after use, you need to clean up the gourd in time, and apply anti-rust grease, stored in a dry place, so as to avoid corrosion due to moisture rust.


Remember that the maintenance and repair of round chain hoists need to be arranged by staff with certain experience. It is usually the use of kerosene cleaning hoist parts, in the gear and bearing parts, add butter lubrication, to prevent the non-understanding of the performance of the principle of casual disassembly. After cleaning and maintenance, Xu Wei first conducted an idling test, and it was ready for delivery until it was confirmed that it was working properly and the brakes were reliable.


It should be noted that the friction surfaces of the brakes on circular chain hoists must be kept clean, and they must be inspected frequently to prevent the brakes from malfunctioning and heavy weights from falling. The roller of the left and right bearing of the lifting sprocket of the hand chain hoist can be adhered to the inner ring of the bearing that has been press-fitted on the journal of the lifting sprocket and then put into the outer ring of the bearing of the wall plate.


When installing a round chain hoist braking device, it is recommended to ensure that the ratchet teeth and ratchet claws mesh well. The control of the pawl by the spring should be flexible and reliable. After the round hand chain hoist is mounted on the hand sprocket, rotate the sprocket wheel clockwise, and press the ratchet wheel and friction plate on the brake seat, rotate the sprocket wheel counterclockwise, ratchet wheel and friction. There should be gaps between the films.