Rusted Hand Chain Block--be Scrapped Or Continue To Be Used

- Nov 22, 2018-

      We all know that hand chain block belongs to light and small lifting tools, so it is relatively easy to operate, and the price is cheaper than electric hoist, so many people do not do fine maintenance after buying back, especially outdoor use, so once the hand chain block rusts, it is directly right. Abandoned or can continue to use it, the following by Wuxi Yongchang to answer your questions。

      If the corrosion is obvious, and the chain or shell has obvious corrosion, some places even drop a piece directly, then this situation must be scrapped directly. But if only slight rust, as long as the rust can be done, the specific methods of rust removal are as follows:

      Wire balls or rust-removing sandpaper can be used to wipe the rusty parts and remove the rust on the surface, which is simple, direct and efficient. In addition, there are chemical rust removal and laser rust removal methods, generally used less, if the degree of rust is relatively light, can be self-rust removal and coated with lubricating oil to continue to use.

     However, in order to prolong the life of manual chain hoist, one needs correct operation and the other is correct maintenance. Although the price of hand chain block is not expensive, as a manufacturer, we still hope you can use it for a long time.