Safety Risk Analysis And Control Of Manual Chain Hoist 3

- Jan 20, 2019-

      Risk source point: Manual chain hoist uses self-made simple lifting bracket to hoist large steel pipe, prefabricated and lengthened steel pipe, and the strength is insufficient.

      Risk analysis: 

1. The lifting suspension point is broken; 

2. The lifting bracket collapses. Causes heavy objects to fall, causing personal injury or damage to equipment.

      Risk prevention: 

1. Use high-strength lifting brackets and suspension points; 

2. Good welding joints, continuous welding; 

3. Bracket inspection before operation.

      Similar risks: 

1. Using self-made simple hooks; 

2. Using self-made simple hoisting ropes and slings; 

3. Using self-made simple rigging rigging; 

4. Using hooks, hoisting ropes and hoisting belts, lifting rigging without product standards, Certificate of conformity, specification and name of the manufacturer.