Safety Risk Analysis And Control Of Manual Chain Hoist 5

- Jan 24, 2019-

      Risk source point: The hoisting steel structural parts are hemp rope and wear is severe.

      Risk analysis: 

  1. There is no protective pad for the hemp rope at the sharp edge;

  2. The strength of the hemp rope is insufficient; 

  3. The hemp rope has been seriously worn. These can cause the rope to break and the heavy objects to fall.

      Risk prevention: 

  1. 1. Change the wire rope; 

  2. 2. Add a protective pad to the contact point of the steel wire channel steel sharp edge.

      Classification risk: 

  1. 1. Special soft belt is used, the strength of the sling is insufficient;

  2. 2. Lifting belts and steel ropes with unsatisfactory wear and broken strands are used; 

  3. 3. Instead of special slings, ropes for other purposes are used.