Sales Of Hand Chain Blocks Will Continue To Rise In Five Years

- Dec 27, 2018-

With the continuous deepening of trade, the sales volume of the chain hoist market is constantly rising. Then, in the future market, we will conduct detailed analysis through the following points: 

  1. At present, China has become the world's largest market for chain hoists, not only in market sales. The largest and most productive country is the manufacturing center of the world chain hoist industry. In 2015, the production volume of Chinese chain hoists was 1,517,700 units. In the next five years, China's chain hoist production will maintain an annual growth rate of around 8%, and is expected to reach 2,204,900 units in 2021.

  2. At present, the chain hoists in the Chinese market have some mainstream suppliers such as Zhejiang Double Bird, Beijing Lingying, Shanghai Yingying, etc., and the market share is slightly higher.

  3. Z-class chain hoists are the mainstream of the current Chinese market. They accounted for 72.39% and 73.08% in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Secondly, Q-level chain hoists are not commonly used.

  4. Despite the competition problem, because the global economy will recover, and the production technology of chain hoists is not difficult, the process is simple, and the investment cost of production is low, investors are still more optimistic, and there will be more new ones in the future. Investment enters this field.

  5. At present, the coastal area is the main consumption area of Chinese chain hoists, accounting for 37.60% of total sales (2015). QYR Research Center expects its size to reach 41.52% by 2021. Second, the central region is China's second largest sales region. 6. With the development of China's domestic equipment manufacturing industry, the chain hoist equipment has been relatively mature and advanced, and its performance difference has been greatly shortened compared with imported equipment. In the future, Chinese chain hoists will still have a large share of the world.