Several Deformations Of Hand Chain Hoist Fittings

- Jan 15, 2019-

       The chain hoist is used in various fields in today's society and has made outstanding contributions to economic construction and development. If the chain block is deformed during use, it should be stopped immediately and replaced. The general deformed parts include the cover, chain and hook.

      1. Deformation of the casing. Its casing is generally stamped from high-quality low-carbon alloy steel, which is strong enough to cause it to dent. In the process of using the chain hoist, the casing may be deformed and collapsed due to improper operation and collision with other articles. Moreover, the casing is deformed by severe compression. If squeezed, the chain hoist will be recessed inward, which will reduce the running space of the parts, and care must be taken to avoid this.

      2. Deformation of the lifting chain. Its deformation is mainly caused by the user's daily overloading, and the deformed chain should be replaced in time to avoid danger in future use.

      3. Deformation of the hook. The main cause of its deformation is misuse and overloading. Each type of hand chain block has its own rated load weight. The hook also indicates how much the lifting force of the tool is. If the load exceeds the load, the hook will be subjected to a large pulling force, which will cause the hook to deform. In addition, when the hoist is used to lift heavy objects, the method of binding is not correct, and the hook is easily deformed. Therefore, be sure not to exceed the load capacity and correct the binding of heavy objects.