Stainless Steel Reverse Chain Rust Has Nothing To Do With Quality

- May 18, 2019-

      Stainless steel reverse chain rust is because the quality is not up to standard? Stainless steel chaining does not mean that it will not rust, it will rust, and sometimes it may not be a quality problem, but an environmental problem.

      Which environment will cause it to rust? For example, when the decoration touches the alkali water or lime water of the decoration wall, these acid and alkali components may cause damage to the stainless steel reverse chain surface protection film, which may cause rust or corrosion, so it may be used with you. Regarding the environment, it is recommended that you do the maintenance work and pay attention to the use time of this environment.

      Therefore, the use of the environment is also something we need to consider. Although the stainless steel reverse chain is different from the ordinary reverse chain application environment, we should also pay attention to it when using it.

      We have a little more understanding of the problem of stainless steel reverse chain rust. So if you find problems in use, we need to contact our technical staff as soon as possible, we are always ready to answer any questions for you.