Super Improve The Chain Hoist Efficiency Of The Password

- Feb 07, 2018-

From the use to improve: strictly in accordance with the instructions for use, shall not be overloaded to use; In the course of the use of staff is strictly prohibited to do any work in the lifting or walking; chain hoists chain, do not twist, can not flip; Can not be thrown hand chain hoist, not to pull the heavy objects, it is extremely vulnerable to damage chain hoists; hand pull pull motionless, should immediately stop operations, not to increase personnel pull; banned more than one hand chain hoist lifting the same Heavy objects; hand chain hoist should be used to make vertical lifting, to avoid the occurrence of cable-stayed or horizontal pull; at work we have opponents hoist brake, chains, hooks and other parts to check to ensure there is no problem , In addition, the preservation should be in place, especially in case of severe weather such as rain and snow, the emergency measures should be better, in low temperature environment will be hardened metal hygroscopic material, the handling process to avoid collisions, And the hand chain hoist placed in a warm, clean, dry room for storage, if more than one, should be neatly placed to avoid heavy objects squeeze.