Taihu Brand Chain Hoists Participate In First-line Rescue

- Jul 26, 2019-

      It is reported that the Zigang City in Sichuan Province was hit by heavy rainfall, causing the trees along the roads such as the North Ring Road to fall. Local landslides and some areas of water are serious. During the rescue, people use Taihu brand chain hoists to lift the fallen trees.

      The Taihu brand chain hoist is a lifting tool that can easily carry heavy objects for lifting operations and is suitable for a variety of work situations. The Zigong City suffered from heavy rainfall, and the lodging of trees affected the normal traffic. Rescuers used the chain hoists to transport the fallen trees and restored the road traffic, ensuring that people can travel normally.

      Taihu brand chain hoists participated in the first-line rescue work, which won valuable time for people's rescue and was well received by people.