The Chain Of The Chain Hoist Does Not Increase Arbitrarily

- Jun 11, 2019-

      The manufacture of chain hoists is strictly designed and rigorously tested. Different types of chain hoists have different lifting tonnages and chain numbers. Of course, the number of chains cannot be increased or decreased at will.

      If the user's lifting weight is increased, can the number of chains be increased? This kind of operation is wrong. If you change the number of chains by yourself, it will affect the safety. If you increase the weight, you must purchase the lifting hoist of the appropriate tonnage.

      Some people mistakenly think that the number of chains has increased, but it is fundamentally explained that the internal components of the chain hoist have a nominal measurement, and the inner dimensions of the reverse chain of different tonnages are also different. Can not be mixed, privately increase the number of chains, the goods will damage the components and hooks of the chain hoist, so the number of chains can not be increased.