The Development Of The Channel Platform Of The Manual Hoist Industry Has Become Inevitable

- Aug 23, 2019-

      There are about 5 billion markets under the chain hoist industry. The offline market is gradually saturated. Facing the hot Internet, the chain hoists are actively exploring and looking for a new sales channel and all in addition to the traditional offline sales model. The scope of the coverage sales model has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

      "Internet + chain hoist" is no longer a verbal vocabulary, and Ruibei Mall has made the Internet + chain hoist an indisputable fact. In order to catch up with this ride, many first-line manufacturing companies have taken action. The second time in the battlefield, the smoke has burned and the war has escalated again.

      The channelization of the manual hoist industry Internet platform is not only a change in the mode of supply and marketing, but also more time-saving. In the increasingly fierce competition, the market-oriented Internet society, time means money.

      The Internet industry in the machinery industry is the trend of the times. The network brings more transparent price and brand services to the light and small lifting machinery and equipment industry. This has prompted practitioners to speed up their operations, do things faster than others, and ultimately achieve even more. A diversified, convenient and transparent internet sales model.