The Fine Classification Of Electric Hoist

- Feb 07, 2018-

Electric hoist includes wire rope electric hoist, electric chain hoist, mini electric hoist, electric hoist, explosion-proof electric hoist, non-standard electric hoist, electric hoist under each category has its own unique characteristics.

Wire rope hoist is a common electric hoist, also belong to the veteran class, in the initial research and development of our electric hoist wire rope hoist figure, and some of the technology continues so far, many models are in the initial hoist awire rope electric Gourd based on the improvement and design.

Strictly speaking, miniature electric hoist belongs to a kind of wire rope electric hoist, but because of the characteristics of its single-phase electric environment, it is specifically listed separately. Miniature electric hoist is different from other wire rope hoist three-phase characteristics, can be used in any home circuit environment.