The Four Achievements Of The Chain Hoist

- Jun 09, 2019-

      Over the years, the challenges faced by the construction machinery industry, such as cranes and other chain hoist branches, have increased, but the overall level has been greatly improved. Up to now, the development of China's chain hoist industry has been continuously improved and its performance has been continuously improved. Here we take a look at the four major achievements of the crane.

      1. Under the guidance of the correct policy of the state, the first batch of enterprises will lead. The continuous enhancement of cooperation between enterprises enhances the competitiveness of enterprises to face the problem of the overall industry decline. It is estimated that the crane industry will enter a mature period of steady growth in the next few years, so that the concentration of the real industry is steadily increasing.

      2. Domestic enterprises have continuously enhanced their understanding of research and development capabilities, and the reliability of crane products has been continuously improved by the independent research and development capabilities. The scale of the industry has been improved rapidly.

      3. In the past few years, crane equipment was realized by import, knowing that it has made great breakthroughs under the support of science and technology research and development.

      4. At present, the manufacturing industry chain of chain hoists has been steadily maturing, and the high-quality performance of equipment has been comparable to the international advanced level. The overall improvement of the competitiveness of the lifting industry.