Why The Friction Disc Of Hand Chain Block Is Thinning?

- Dec 18, 2018-

      Friction disc is an important component of hand chain block braking system. If it becomes thinner, it will directly affect the braking safety of the hoist, and thus the operation of braking failure and other faults occur, then why on earth will the friction disc become thinner?

      1. The life of the friction disc is limited. After a long period of work, it is normal for the friction disc itself to become thinner due to wear and tear.

      2. The wrong operation or installation may cause abnormal deformation of the hand chain hoist assembly, which leads to the increase of friction force on the friction plate when it rotates, and then leads to the phenomenon of thinning.

      3. Installation between friction discs and parts is too tight. Long-term use will accelerate the wear of friction discs, resulting in thinning.

      This is the reason why the friction disc of the manual chain hoist becomes thinner. I hope you can pay attention to it in the process of using it. About the solution, Wuxi Yongchang will continue to introduce it to you in future articles.