The Manufacturer Teaches You To Avoid The Failure Of The Chain Hoist

- Jun 07, 2019-

      If the hoist has problems during the operation time, it will not only affect the service life of the hoist, but also affect the progress of the work. We need to master certain tips when using it, so as to reduce the frequency of faults.

      1. It is necessary to carry out the work under the specified working environment. There should be no rain or collision during use, which can prevent parts from rusting and deformation.

      2. Work within the scope of safe lifting, can not have the luck, let the hoist overload operation, this may cause the hand hoist due to overload and some parts of the damage;

      3. After the work is completed, the surface of the hoist must be cleaned up, so that it will prolong its service life and reduce its damage frequency to a certain extent.

      The user can follow the above description and let his hand hoist work for a long time.