What Are The Advantages Of Taihu Brand Chain Hoists?

- Jul 05, 2019-

       Taihu brand chain hoist is a kind of small lifting tool. It is lifted in bridge construction, highway, construction engineering, dock, mining and other industries. It brings convenience to construction workers, saves construction workers' time and improves Construction efficiency. What are the advantages of the chain hoist?

       1. The chain hoist is small in size, light in texture and compact in structure, and is convenient for carrying out.

       2. The chain hoist is operated by the operator pulling the chain, so it is easy to use.

       3. The chain hoist lifts and lowers the cargo by pulling the chain, so its inner parts are very flexible, and the chain hoist can also brake.

       4. The outer casing of the chain hoist is strong and wear-resistant. The upper and lower hooks and chains have high-quality toughness, so its safety factor is high.

        Taihu brand chain hoists have many advantages. These advantages help workers to quickly carry out homework and improve work efficiency. Friends who like it can consider buying!