What Factors Lead To Unqualified Inspection Of Crane?

- Nov 05, 2018-

      Crane large-scale machinery and equipment, regardless of what type, are subject to strict inspection, but many times the crane inspection is not qualified, there are many factors, mainly the following points.

1. Equipment information is not complete

      In the inspection process of cranes, there are often differences between the product marks of cranes and the stipulations of "Crane Transportation Machinery Compilation Method". According to the stipulations of cranes, the working level of cranes will be divided into A1-A8 and other levels.

2. Unreasonable installation of cranes

      In the process of crane production, there are some parts missing. According to the requirements of crane safety regulations, crane must have the function of voltage loss protection. It can protect the voltage loss by starting button switch and contactor, but it does not start. The tonnage of crane is often replaced by emergency switch when starting. With the passage of time, emergency switch will wear out, which will affect the response ability of crane in emergency situations and lead to safety accidents.

3. Ignore the installation of grounding wire

      The Safety specifications of cranes clearly stipulate that there are no less than two bolts connecting the cab and the crane itself. In cranes, workers often pay attention to whether the quality of electrical equipment meets the specifications, but neglect it. Therefore, when a crane works, it often damages the driver's personal safety.

4. Design is not standard.

      In each part of the crane, the installation of the general line contactor will be ignored by many designers, so it will not leave too much room for the installation personnel to install the general line contactor. The contact points of all operating systems are easy to stick, in this case, it will bring adverse effects to the work of cranes.