What Kind Of Safety Work Should The Hoist Be Used In The Mine Work?

- Apr 06, 2019-

      The application range of chain hoists is very wide, especially in mines. However, in the mine work, we must pay special attention to safety work. Let us introduce in detail:

1. Mine maintenance clamps use more than 5 tons of slings, steel ropes must use steel rope ties or special spreaders with a diameter of 15.5mm or more;

2. The mine maintenance worker must check and check whether the chain ring is plastically deformed before using the lifting gear. The elongation shall not reach 5% of the original length.

3. The mine maintenance worker should always check whether the wear between the links and the connection between the link and the hook is reduced to 80% of the original diameter, and whether the wear of other parts is reduced to 90% of the original diameter. When the wear reaches the above situation, Do not use.

4. Distortion, severe corrosion and scale removal can not be ruled out;

5. The amount of wear of the dangerous section of the hook does not reach 10% of the original size.

6. Whether the hook has repair welding, whether the surface of the hook is smooth, whether there is crack, and the folding stool is defective.

7. Whether there is drilling or welding on the hook, whether there is no hook.

8. At the shortest distance of the hook opening, select two appropriate positions to print or inlay the indicia that is not easy to wear.