What Should Be Observed When The Chain Hoist Is Used For Small Indoor Parts?

- Mar 23, 2019-

The following items should be observed when using the manual chain hoist:

1. Strictly check the hooks and chains of the hand chain blocks before use, and there must be no cracks. The pawl spring should ensure reliable braking.

2. When using, the upper and lower hooks must be hung, the lifting chain must be straightened, the chain ring must not be twisted, so as not to catch the chain when using.

3. When lifting, the operator should stand in the same plane as the hoist sprocket and pull the chain. The force should be even and gentle. When pulling, the reason should be checked. Do not use excessive force or shake the chain.

4. When lifting, do not lift the heavy chain by hand, and you should not touch the weight and carry out the loading and unloading work.

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