When Should Hand Chain Blocks' Parts Be Replaced?

- Dec 04, 2018-

      Hand chain block is a relatively simple lifting tool to assemble, so if the parts appear and I ask for timely replacement, then under what circumstances must these parts be replaced? Wuxi Yongchang will come to you one by one:

      Brake disc failure: if the brake disc fails to meet the requirement of braking moment, the lifting weight will not reach the rated lifting weight. At this time, the brake or replacement brake disc should be adjusted.

      Chain: When the chain twist occurs in the twisted hand hoist, the operation force will be increased, so that the parts will be stuck or broken. The reason should be checked in time, which may be caused by chain deformation. If the adjustment and throwing can not be solved, the chain should be replaced.

      Chain jam: Chain jam, difficult to operate, generally due to chain wear, such as chain diameter wear has reached 10%, should replace the chain.

      Hook damage: Hook damage is also mainly manifested as fracture, serious wear and deformation. When the wear of the hook exceeds 10%, or the new hook is replaced. If the above wear rate is not reached, the full load standard can be reduced and the service can be continued.

      Chain damage: Chain damage is mainly manifested by fracture, severe wear and deformation. If the damaged chain is continued to be used, it will cause serious accidents and must be replaced in time.

Must be replaced means that the representative is not discussed, must be strictly enforced, otherwise it is easy to cause safety accidents, so users must follow the instructions of safe use rules.