Why Is Lever Hoist Cannot Fall?

- Dec 02, 2018-

      "My lever hoist rose smoothly in the process of operation. It was stuck when it fell. Now it can't move. What should I do?" The hand lever hoist only rose and did not fall. This is a typical brake lock.

The solutions to this problem are as follows:

Solution 1:

According to the descending direction, two people pull hard, one brake pad may not be separated, need to pull several times more, here we need to pay attention not to brute force, when a strong pull, wrench hoist chain down rolling chain position, then this wrench hoist problem will be solved.

Solution two:

In the use process, in order to avoid the second occurrence of brake lock, the wrench hoist separates the brake pads after it is not used. Here, the chain of the wrench hoist needs to be pulled counterclockwise, and the brake pads inside will be separated.

Solution three:

Open the wrench hoist cover, you can see ratchets and brake pads inside, fix the sprocket and speed gear of the wrench hoist, so that the rise and fall can not rotate, using tools on the ratchet in the direction of counterclockwise beating, is the brake pad and ratchet components separated, to resume normal operation.