Why Is The Rated Mining Weight Of The Crane Multiplied By A Safety Factor Less Than 1?

- Feb 25, 2019-

      Why is the rated mining weight of the crane multiplied by a safety factor less than 1 when lifting the heavy objects?

The reasons are as follows:

1. When the two machines are lifted, the level of the heavy objects is relative, and the distance between the center of gravity and the two vertical hooks is also changed. The load of the crane always changes within a certain range.

2. The lifting speed of the double machine is different, and the inertia force caused by the start and stop is fast, which has an impact on the load.

3. Regardless of whether the hook speeds of the two cranes are the same, it is impossible for the heavy objects to leave the support point at the same time, and the load of the crane changes accordingly.

4. During lifting, when the crane is walking or turning, it will also affect each other and increase the load of the crane.