Why The Price Of Hand Hoist Is Chaotic?

- Aug 08, 2018-

      The market price of hand hoist is chaotic and the quality is not flattering. When customers call to make an inquiry, the first reaction will be: why is the price so high? Clould you lower the price? Do not ask me why other's is so cheap, always firmly believe that cheaper the goods, poorer the goods, the price determines the quality! In particular, as heavy industry, we don't take the cheap price into the first consideration, the quality is the hard truth, so that our customers are safe to use, it is our purpose to start the heavy industry!

      We have always adhered to the quality line, do not believe that good prices will have any good quality, no cost products how to make good quality products! Don't try to be cheap in the lifting industry. Safety is our guarantee for workers and operators. Wuxi Yongchang is one of the chain block supplier you can buy! Different quality of hand hoist, bearing capacity will also be different, the safety factor is different.