Why Use Chain Hoists At The Elevator Construction Site?

- Jan 03, 2019-

      The application of the chain hoist is also very extensive. The chain hoist is also used in the construction process of the elevator. As for why we should look for the working characteristics of the chain hoist:

      The chain hoist, also known as the hand chain block or the fairy hoist, can be used to lift light objects, tighten the cable rope of the mast, and tighten the tool for transporting the bundle of cargo ropes. It is suitable for short-distance lifting of heavy equipment and heavy objects. It generally has a weight of 5-10KN and a maximum of 20KN. Because of its compact structure, small hand pull force, easy to use documents, easy to carry, and easier to grasp than other cranes, it is not only a common tool for lifting and lifting, but also a common tool for repairing mechanical equipment.

      Hand hoist safety requirements:

      1. Before use, check whether the mechanical rotating parts, chain, chain, hook, etc. of the chain hoist are intact.

      2. The steel wire rope for lifting shall have the structural form, specification and strength to meet the requirements, and there shall be no serious wear, street or broken stock. 

      3. When hoisting operation, it is necessary to concentrate on the spirit and be unified by one person.

      4. In the process of playing. When the suspended object is caused to fall due to the failure, emergency measures should be taken to ensure the safety of the on-site workers.