Will Hand Hoist Exit The Stage Of History?

- Nov 13, 2018-

      Some netizens asked that the technology is so developed now. Various kinds of light and small lifting equipment, such as electric chain hoist, micro electric hoist, chain hoist and so on, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, have replaced various manual tools, such as hand chain hoist and lever hoist, so some netizens said that hand hoist will gradually withdraw from the history with the development of hand hoist. 

      Wuxi Yongchang can tell you for sure that you won't. Although science and technology are developing very fast now, hand hoists are constantly improving and upgrading to meet the development of the times. In addition, in many areas, the environment is limited by space and electricity, so many electrical equipment can not be used. hand hoist is still a good choice.

      From another point of view, many hand hoists continue to pour into our lives, many occasions need short-distance lifting and handling will habitually think of hand hoists. It is not limited to lifting operations and industrial needs. It can be widely used in every corner of all walks of life.